100% Organic Olive Oil

Extra Virgin 100% Organic Olive Oil
Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is our most popular product among fans of organic and bio produce. Its production is subject to the strictest controls to ensure both quality and absolute respect for the environment and nature: no chemical products are used in its cultivation.

Our MAAR oil is made from olives of the Cornicabra variety picked while still green, then extracted by cold pressing in a wholly mechanical process, resulting in a 100% natural oil with exceptional organoleptic properties, flavour, scent, texture and colour.

Our MAAR Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil meets all requirements for administrative certifi cation and customer satisfaction.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the first cold pressing, with its low natural acidity (<0.2ยบ), is extremely healthy. With an intense flavour and high vitamin-E and polyphenol (natural antioxidant) content, it offers great stability and resistance at high temperatures. Ideal for use either in cooking or drizzled directly onto foods (toast, salads, pasta, etc).